DeRazahas been offering the best fresh «Ibérico» pork to both the domestic and international markets for over a decade: magnificent cuts, mild marinades, fresh, delicate yet filling sausages, all elaborated from exquisite Ibérico pork…only from the finest pork, and with all of the experience of our master butchers.

Backed by our experience and tradition, by know-how and quality, we are now pleased to present the new product range of DeRaza Traditional Ibérico Roasts:
A selection of our finest Iberico hams, shoulders and loins, all fresh and natural. They are roasted whole with just enough salt. They will delight the most demanding taste buds with their simplicity and harmony.


Whole Bone-in Roasted Ibérico Ham Semi-boneless Roasted Ibérico Ham Boneless Roasted Ibérico Ham Whole Bone-in Roasted Ibérico Shoulder Semi-boneless Roasted Ibérico Shoulder Boneless Roasted Ibérico Shoulder Whole Roasted Ibérico Loin Roasted Ibérico Rib Loin Roast


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