Quality Systems
DeRaza certifies that all of our products come from «Ibérico» pigs born from 100% «Ibérico» sows, thus confirming its “Ibérico” pureness.

In our manufacturing plant, our traceability system is backed up and supervised by the certifying body CALICER (Certification Nº: PI-0414-09), which fulfills the requisites of the Spanish R.D. 1469/2007 of 2 November which approves the quality regulation for the meat, ham, shoulder and «Ibérico» loin produced in Spain. This regulation entailed the very important inclusion of the fresh meat trade activity under its jurisdiction of the «Ibérico» quality regulation previously in effect. THAT IS THE LEGAL APPLICATION FOR THE CARCASS QUARTERING FOR THE FRESH MEAT TRADE. DeRaza currently has a quartering and production process for fresh products, ham, shoulder, «Ibérico» loin, and fresh pork. Our processed products include ham, shoulder and”Ibérico” loin.

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Quality Systems and Standardization/Third Countries
DeRaza, with its commitment to the Quality of «Ibérico» Product produced in our facilities, and in line with our objective of expanding our international markets, maintains as our objective the adquisiton of the most up-to date quality standards and the application of the latest food safety regulations, above and beyond the ones that we have had since our beginnings. Concretely, we are already fulfilling the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard, obtained in 2001, and which DeRaza keeps up to date in our commitment to quality for our customers.

In the international sector, DeRaza is authorized to export to JAPAN, RUSSIA, HONG KONG, PERU, SINGAPUR, SOUTH AFRICA, VIETNAM and CANADA, and is in the process of authorization for our inclusion in the Framework List of Spanish meat Establishments Registered and Authorized for Export.

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