Feeding, Nutrition and Management Systems
«Montanera» or Acorn Fed
The pigs from which products designated «Bellota» (acorn-fed) products come from, are «Ibérico». This means that they come from pure «Ibérico» breeding sows, registered in the “Ibérico” pork breed genealogical book. They are fed with all of the natural resources they get from the «Dehesa» pastures, mainly acorns. These animals arrive at the «Montanera» ranges with a weight of between 92 and 115 kg. and are over 12 months old. During the minimum of 60 days that they are on the «montaneras», they feed on acorns and grass, and gain at least 46 kg., bringing them up to the minimum age for slaughtering, i.e. 14 months old. These animals are slaughtered immediately after exclusively feeding on these acorns and other natural resources from the «dehesa» with no additional supplementary feeding.
The stocking density of animals on the land is maximum 1 pig per hector in the case of the «montanera» land whose surface has more than 50% trees. The final product under these conditions, has a higher quality since the animal receives optimal feeding, while working its muscles in a favorable environment, thus obtaining a higher level of maturing of its meat.

It should be pointed out that the latest revision of the «Ibérico» Quality Standard, currently just a bill, will eliminate what is called «Recebo» (mixed acorn and feed fattening) which is still in force. «Recebo» is characterized for allowing the animals which have been on the acorn filled pastures to finish up their fattening process with feeds made up of cereals and pulses until they reach their ideal weight for slaughtering.